The township disaster prevention integrated machine

A new type of special equipment integrating warning and video conferencing

The township disaster prevention integrated machine is a new type of special equipment specially designed for disaster prevention and mitigation users. It is dedicated to solving the problem of information communication between grassroots towns and villages, related business units and related business personnel. Real-time release of business information, interactive use of video conferencing, to meet and enhance the synergy of related business groups. Products are widely used in emergency disaster prevention headquarters, business department offices, duty rooms, meeting rooms and other scenarios.

积水监测、内涝监测解决方案、预警展播,预警信息展播,预警信息展播系统,遥测终端,遥测终端机,RTU ,RTU设备,4G遥测终端,数据采集终端

Product architecture

积水监测、内涝监测解决方案、预警展播,预警信息展播,预警信息展播系统,遥测终端,遥测终端机,RTU ,RTU设备,4G遥测终端,数据采集终端

Management platform

The data docking service system manages the early warning release and video conferencing through the public network or the private network.

Field device

The township disaster prevention integrated machine connects to the management platform through the public network or the private network to realize the function of early warning release and video conferencing; through 3G/4G connected on-site mobile phones, individual equipment, integrated probes and other equipment for disaster reporting, mobile meetings, On-site inspection and monitoring; at the same time support SIP protocol to access the provincial-city-county established conference system to build a complete video conferencing system.


Create a dedicated township-level disaster prevention command platform

Use the "television channel" to publish warning information in real time: the grassroots receiving the warning information is as simple as watching TV;

Multi-level linkages between provinces, cities, counties and villages: important documents such as leadership speeches, conference videos, red-headed documents, and emergency notices are in place;

Software hardware: solve the problem of township and village equipment management.

Video conferencing extended to grassroots towns and villages

HD video screen effect;

Multi-party video conferencing;

Connected to the established video conferencing system to support mainstream video conferencing vendors.

Real-time feedback from disaster sites

The mobile phone or individual equipment is interconnected with the terminal to provide real-time feedback on the disaster scene;

Access disaster scene video surveillance and get live information in real time.


积水监测、内涝监测解决方案、预警展播,预警信息展播,预警信息展播系统,遥测终端,遥测终端机,RTU ,RTU设备,4G遥测终端,数据采集终端