Desktop emergency video system

The fastest emergency response tool on the desk

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Desktop emergency video system

       A collaborative video conferencing solution for users in the disaster prevention and mitigation industry is dedicated to solving horizontal and vertical communication problems between business departments at all levels and grassroots staff. The system integrates the communication application capabilities of data, voice, video and information streams to meet the communication capabilities of audio and video calls, collaborative conferencing, remote assistance, video surveillance and mobile office at any time and place. Conduct efficient and secure communication and collaboration.


Product Features

  • Traditional voice call: access to traditional telephone line, desktop emergency video terminal for voice intercom, can replace traditional telephone

  • Audio and video communication services: In any city, county, village, community, you can call audio and video calls and four-party conferences through LAN, WIFI, 4G network without system administrator assistance.

  • Video conference broadcast: directly connected to the established video conference system, one-way conference video broadcast, so that the village / community can understand the conference dynamics in real time, easy to work

  • Integrated video surveillance service: integrated network video surveillance, real-time viewing of video surveillance images by dialing

  • Call recording service: Provide video call recording, archive as the process material of an event, make the discussion of the meeting informed, and facilitate the summary after the event

  • Solid-shift video communication: meet the needs of emergency dispatching on-site video capture, interactive call and other related applications, and facilitate the command center management personnel to check the situation of the grassroots site at the first time.

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Industry application


Flood control and drought resistance----multi-sector visual coordination command system

  • When a major disaster situation requires unified coordination of meetings, a fixed or mobile video conference can be held directly at the desk, and multi-members can discuss

  • Visual scheduling, directly on the desktop to view live mobile phones, individual equipment, surveillance cameras, participate in the process of consultation

  • Real-time attention to receiving on-site grievances, disasters, and danger information, directly dialing the responsible person's contact information on the screen

  • Flood prevention instructions, notifications receive in real time, receive confirmation responses

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Water Conservancy Project Management----Engineering Dispatching Platform

  • Reservoir emergency broadcast: When the dangerous situation is upgraded or the dam is flooded, it is necessary to evacuate the operators and people in the flood discharge area. The broadcast can be recorded in advance, or recorded or broadcasted in real time, and can be broadcast to an area with a large coverage area.

  • Multi-library area, multi-room video call: Whether it is daily business communication or emergency meeting, one-on-one, one-to-many video call directly on the desk

  • Real-time view of project operation status: sitting at the desk, you can view the water, wind, rain, and cloud to decide the project scheduling, which will effectively improve the application management level and work efficiency of the project.

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Marine disaster prevention and mitigation - marine grassroots emergency command platform

  • Real-time access to special and emergency information, predictive warning information, live pictures, audio and video, data and other multimedia information

  • Use the spatial geographic information management system to quickly locate and display electronic maps of event-related information such as overlapping population distribution, rescue forces, and live real-time images on the screen.

  • When special and emergency emergencies occur, provincial, city, county, township and town multi-level meetings can be held in the platform to conduct off-site meetings.

Application scenario

积水监测、内涝监测解决方案、预警展播,预警信息展播,预警信息展播系统,遥测终端,遥测终端机,RTU ,RTU设备,4G遥测终端,数据采集终端