Early warning information broadcast system

TV "programming" pushes disaster warning information

The early warning information broadcast system is a comprehensive information release solution for industry users. Through the tailor-made “early warning information TV set-top box”, the industry users can help the industry to pass a variety of disaster prevention and mitigation pre-alarm information, daily business data, and publicity materials. Similar to the "television channel" approach to the target group to meet the needs of industry functions. Widely applicable to scenarios such as grass-roots duty rooms, building elevators, water conservancy projects, and torrential danger zones

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System Features

  • Full "zero" operation

    The warning information is automatically collected, released, and actively pushed to the information screen in real time. The information push process can be monitored, and the reception success can be confirmed.

  • Information "seconds" push

    The existing business systems at the provincial and municipal levels are integrated and released in the form of TV channels, leading speeches, conference videos, red-headed documents, emergency notices and other important documents to implement the provincial-city-county-township multi-level release.

  • System easy to manage

    The system adopts centralized management mode to remotely monitor various attributes of field devices and master the on-site information screen warning release effect in real time.

  • TV level interactive experience

    Using split-screen display, sub-channel display technology, the base layer receives early warning information, as simple as watching TV

  • A "screen" multi-purpose

    The system is usually used as a daily business production (government affairs disclosure, publicity science popularization, etc.), and wartime (during severe weather) can be forcibly switched by the advanced authority users to display content, so as to achieve a "screen" multi-purpose

  • Scheduling decision

    The warning information is concise and concise, the video conference is broadcast live, the form of expression is lively and lively, and the leadership is easy to make decisions.


system structure

Channel production publishing platform:

Deploy various server and application module software, data to connect the user's existing business system, and the background management software to uniformly push and control the information, automatically split and generate each group of "TV channels"

Field equipment:

Responsible for receiving, storing and playing the content of the TV channel. Including the warning broadcast terminal and display screen (supports TV, outdoor LED, touch screen, large room in the conference room). On-site access to the channel production and release platform through wired, wireless, WIFI network, realizing the real-time warning broadcast network TV channel collection

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System display

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