Tipper type rain gauge

Eliminate the rain information in the first time and eliminate the hidden dangers of mountain flood disasters

The tipping bucket rain gauge is a primary meter for measuring the amount of precipitation. Its performance is in line with the national standard GB 11832-2002 "Tipping bucket rain gauge" for the observation of precipitation in nature. Can be widely used in meteorological stations (station) and hydrology, agriculture, forestry and other industries.

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  • Full quality stainless steel

  • High precision / good stability

  • The tipping part is flipped sensitive ‍

Main Specifications

1. Rain gauge diameter: Ф200+0.60mm, cutting edge angle 44o

2. Resolution: 0.5mm

3. Measurement accuracy: ≤ ± 4%

4. Rain intensity range: 0.01~4mm/min (allows maximum rain intensity of 8mm/min)

5. Mode of communication: reed switch signal output

6. Working environment: Ambient temperature: 0 ~ +55 ° C, relative humidity: < 95% RH (40 ° C)

7. Dimensions: Ф215mm×525mm

Main application scenario

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