Data collection platform

A new generation of IoT industry application platform

The data collection platform is an IoT application platform independently developed by Si Chuang Technology. It can be deployed in cloud platforms such as public cloud and private cloud. It integrates centralized equipment management, intelligent agent strategy, convenient operation and maintenance, and data analysis system. Manage equipment and user-friendly linkage settings to meet the daily needs of users.

Computer side

Mobile terminal

Product Features

  • Deployment method: private cloud deployment, public cloud deployment, local LAN deployment, remote deployment across the Internet.

  • Device access type: smart sensor, LoRa gateway, telemetry terminal, AI device, IoT device.

  • Device management: network management, device parameter management, and device information management.

  • Real-time monitoring: status display, data query, and warning information push.

  • System management: rights management, platform settings, system maintenance.

  • Data analysis: operational status, data analysis display, statistical reports.


  • Easy connection: support generalized access to heterogeneous devices, adapt to a variety of mainstream IoT transmission protocols, compatible with various network environments

  • Rich ability: integrate cloud resources, provide data storage, data visualization, capability output, data analysis and other service capabilities

  • Development and sharing: work together with partners to promote the development of the Internet of Things industry and share the ecological prosperity of the Internet of Things