Dam safety monitoring terminal

Realize dam safety unattended monitoring

The dam safety monitoring terminal consists of a sealed chassis, intelligent data acquisition module, power module and communication module. It is mainly used for reservoir automation monitoring, including dam monitoring and other safety monitoring of hydraulic structures, slopes, roads, mines, etc. It can realize functions such as deformation monitoring, displacement monitoring, pressure monitoring and seepage monitoring.

积水监测、内涝监测解决方案、预警展播,预警信息展播,预警信息展播系统,遥测终端,遥测终端机,RTU ,RTU设备,4G遥测终端,数据采集终端

Product Features

  • Real-time monitoring of frequency and temperature data of vibrating wire sensors

  • Error correcting, encoding, and storing the measured data

  • Historical data record

  • Display current measurement

  • History query and management


  • Multi-mode data acquisition function: It realizes data acquisition and control functions of different modes according to the command of the host computer or external conditions.

  • Timing function: With real-time clock module, the host computer can time the device through the communication network to ensure the uniformity of the entire safety monitoring system.

  • A variety of communication methods: support VHF, 2G/3G/4G, SMS, serial port and other data transmission methods, support automatic switching between the active and standby channels.

  • Low power consumption: Support multiple operating modes, auto sleep, and minimize power consumption.

  • Convenient control: LCD display and buttons for easy viewing of data, debugging, setup and more.

  • High reliability: embedded watchdog technology, self-healing failure, to ensure system stability.

Parameter index

  • Working environment temperature: -10 ° C ~ +55 ° C, humidity: 95% RH.

  • Working voltage: DC9-16V

  • Working current: sleep less than 1mA, 50mA working at full speed (without data transmission equipment)

  • Power supply mode: maintenance-free lead-acid battery, solar panel floating charge power supply

  • Data acquisition input mode: 4-20mA, RS232, RS485, switching, frequency, parallel port and so on.

  • Complete self-diagnosis and self-recovery capabilities.

  • Support a variety of communication methods (such as VHF / UHF, GSM / GPRS, satellite, fiber, etc.).

  • Support a variety of communication protocol transmission, compatible with data protocols of multiple domestic manufacturers.

  • Support multiple networking modes (such as single channel, multi channel, active and standby channels).

  • Support multi-device access, allowing access to up to 64 vibrating wire sensors, as well as rain gauges, wind speed and direction sensors, multiple water level gauges, brake gauges, flow meters, water quality testing equipment, etc.

  • The system provides three sets of RS232 interfaces for connecting devices such as digital radio stations, and two sets of RS485 interfaces for connecting sensors of various RS485 interfaces.

  • The 6-channel analog-to-digital conversion channel can connect 6 voltage or current signals.

  • The system provides multiple controllable I/O ports.

  • 16MB Flash data storage, power loss data is not lost.

  • Support remote system setup, remote status query, remote device reboot.

  • The parameters can be set on site and provide 192*64 dot matrix liquid crystal display, which is intuitive and convenient to operate.

  • Signal interface anti-surge interference design.

  • Battery undervoltage protection and charging overvoltage protection (optional).