Rainfall dedicated telemetry terminal

Applied to simple rainfall site renovation

The simple rainfall alarm station upgrade and reconstruction program is installed on the simple rainfall alarm station by using the special rainfall remote measuring terminal developed by our company. It can be upgraded to an automatic rainfall station without affecting the existing home alarm function. The device is used for two purposes, and it also solves the problem of inconvenient management of the simple rainfall alarm station.

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The simple telemetry terminal adopts advanced micro-processing chip as controller, built-in communication circuit and power supply system, and has high reliability and anti-interference performance. It can be applied to the reconstruction of simple rainfall stations, and the data of the original rainfall stations in each village will be sent to the county. Township monitoring platform.

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Platform display

Access to the existing county-level flood control system, access through desktop / mobile phone / tablet and other devices, easy to use, simple terminal with early warning SMS function, super alert automatically send alert messages to responsible persons

Live show

The upgrade program does not affect the function of the original simple rainfall station. The simple rainfall telemetry terminal is installed in the rain cylinder. The equipment is simple to install and the amount of engineering is small. The external solar panel can continuously charge the lithium battery.

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Technical and functional indicators

  1) The function is as follows:

  • Real-time trigger data collection;

  • Processing, storing, encoding, and transmitting the collected data;

  • Support GPRS, SMS communication mode;

  • Support multi-center data transmission, GPRS center, SMS center no less than 4 groups.

  • Support dual channel data transmission;

  • Support remote parameter settings;

  • Support solar charging control;

  • Support remote online upgrades;

  • Supports low power sleep mode of operation.

  2) Technical indicators are as follows:

  • Data storage: 16MB, can store more than 10 years of data.

  • Charge management: Built-in charge control management circuit.

  • Power supply mode: Supports both mains and solar power.

  • Lithium battery: Built-in 3.7V/1550mAh lithium battery with overcurrent protection board.

  • Solar panel: 6V/1.6W solar panel with waterproof DC head and 2.8 m line length

  • Working voltage: 5-18V.

  • Standby current:<300uA

  • Working current: 20mA (no data)

  • Working environment: -10 °C ~ +45 °C 95% RH

  • Equipment structure: 83*58*33mm waterproof design.