LoRa IoT Terminal

An Efficient Internet of Things Networking Technology

LoRa IoT terminal is a new wireless networking terminal based on LoRa technology, which can realize data acquisition, remote control and Lora communication. It is the best product for solving long-distance, decentralized acquisition and rapid networking. It is suitable for flood control (material warehouse management, Asset management, mountain warning station information linkage release), water conservancy (dam safety monitoring), electricity, agriculture, transportation and other application scenarios.

积水监测、内涝监测解决方案、预警展播,预警信息展播,预警信息展播系统,遥测终端,遥测终端机,RTU ,RTU设备,4G遥测终端,数据采集终端


Product Features

  • The uplink interface supports 2.5G/3G/4G high-speed wireless network access to the Internet.

  • Downstream can be connected to the local sensor via LoRa wireless and serial.

  • LoRa wireless coding includes reliable error detection and automatic filtering of false and false information.

  • Low-power design, the transmission distance is more than double that of traditional wireless modules under the same transmission power, which is very suitable for harsh environments and applications requiring long-distance low-power consumption.


  • High stability: industrial-grade application design, can adapt to the harsh working environment of the industrial site, fanless design, protection grade IP65, especially suitable for industrial control field applications.

  • Flexible deployment: Can be installed in public, private, or hybrid networks, indoors or outdoors.

  • Wide coverage: long communication distance, each gateway can cover several kilometers in an open environment, and has strong anti-interference ability.

  • Low power consumption: asynchronously send data, data is only sent when needed, suitable for different field power supply modes

  • Remote management: support remote device management, remote firmware upgrade, and more convenient operation and maintenance

  • High reliability: embedded watchdog technology, self-healing failure, ensuring system stability