Electronic water gauge

An integrated liquid level measuring instrument

    The electronic water gauge is a liquid level monitoring solution developed by SiChuang Technology for industrial users. The product uses advanced microprocessor chip as controller, which can support built-in 4G communication circuit and power supply system. It has high reliability and anti-interference performance and can be widely used. Water level measurement in agricultural irrigation areas, reservoirs, canals, rivers, lakes, waterworks, sewage treatment plants, monitoring of water levels in urban roads, monitoring of river water levels in urban areas, and monitoring of water levels in residential areas. It is widely used in various fields of water conservancy and hydrological measurement and monitoring such as disaster prevention, flood control, urban flood control, water storage and water storage facilities.

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Characteristic advantage

  • The electronic water gauge adopts high corrosion-resistant copper alloy contacts, the contacts are clear and clear, the precision is high, the readings are stable and reliable, and the anti-interference ability is strong. The SCSW series water gauge can effectively prevent storm, rain, rain, interference, foaming cement and moss interference through fine treatment;

  • The instrument has built-in scientific digital filtering method and anti-wave function, which can effectively solve the influence of wave on water level measurement, making the measured value stable, real and reliable.

  • Integrated treatment makes the water gauge integral and easy to install;

  • It can support communication function to realize long-distance communication in the field, and the water level data is directly reported to the database without manual observation;

  • Low-power design, built-in lithium battery can work continuously for six to twelve months to replace the battery; if an external power supply system is installed, the meter can be monitored online in real time for a long time;

  • With high reliability and stability, it is installed firmly and suitable for uninhabited environments in the field;

Product performance index

(1) Range: 0.4m/0.6m/1.2m/1.6m/2.0m/2.4m, supporting splicing;

(2) Accuracy: 1cm;

(3) Support integrated communication module: 4G/GPRS wireless communication;

(4) Support charging management: built-in, support solar / commercial power

(5) Support power supply mode: Built-in lithium battery, can stand for two years, continuous rainy weather, power supply time of more than 25 days, low battery alarm.

(6) Collecting water level, voltage and other information at regular intervals, processing, storing, encoding and transmitting the collected data;

(7) Support remote and local parameter settings, support historical data extraction;

(8) When the breakpoint is resumed, the data is stored locally for at least 3 months under signal interruption, and the breakpoint data can be continuously transmitted when the signal is recovered.

(9) Work system, including regular submission, summoning and reporting, and over-reporting.

   1) Over-reported self-report: automatically submits data according to changes in monitored water level;

   2) Timing self-report: According to the time setting, regular report.

(10) Measurement temperature range: -10 ° C ~ +50 ° C (no ice);

(11) Communication Agreement: National Hydrological Agreement

Application scenario

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