Telemetry terminal RTU

Multi-channel multi-function data acquisition and transmission equipment

SCS502 series universal telemetry terminal is a multi-channel multi-function data acquisition and transmission equipment developed by the company based on the construction of automatic water measurement and reporting system and combined with years of experience of professionals. The device uses advanced microprocessor technology and sensor technology to accurately reflect the hydrological conditions of various stations such as rivers and lakes, and can automatically collect, receive, process and store hydrological data in real time. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable design, safety and reliability, convenient installation and maintenance, simple operation, powerful function and stable operation, and is the preferred device for the hydrological automatic measuring and reporting system.

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Product performance standards

  • 《Hydrological Automatic Measuring and Reporting System Equipment - Telemetry Terminal》 SL180-2015

  • 《Hydrological Monitoring Data Communication Protocol》 SL651-2014

  • 《Hydraulic Automatic Measurement and Reporting System Technical Specification》 SL61-2015

  • 《Hydrological Forecasting System Technical Protocol and Agreement 》SCSW008-2011 (Revised 2018)

  • 《Hunan Hydrological Monitoring Data Communication Protocol》

  • 《Guangdong Province Hydrological Monitoring Data Communication Protocol》

  • 《Hydrological Automatic Measuring and Reporting System Equipment - Front Communication Control Machine》 SL/T182-1996

  • 《Hydrological Automatic Measuring and Reporting System Equipment - Relay Machine》 SL/T181-1996

  • 《Technical Requirements for Water Resources Monitoring Equipment 》SZY203-2016

  • 《Water Quality Monitoring Equipment Quality Inspection》SZY205-2016

  • 《Water Resources Monitoring Data Transmission Protocol 》SZY206-2016

The main function

  • Collect information such as rainfall, water level, customs, flow, and water quality;

  • Support camera image acquisition, support 2 camera;

  • Processing, storing, encoding, and transmitting the collected data;

  • Support 4G/2G / SMS / VHF / satellite and other communication methods;

  • Support automatic switching between active and standby channels;

  • Support remote and local parameter settings;

  • Support remote and local historical data extraction;

  • The current monitoring factor value is displayed;

  • Support manual setting;

  • With solar charging control function;

  • Supports low power sleep mode of operation.

Technical indicators

  • 32-bit ARM processor, clocked at 72MHz

  • Onboard data storage, capacity 16MB, can save water level and rainfall data for more than 10 years

  • Switching interface: 3 groups, can be connected to rain gauge, door magnet, wind speed, flow, etc.

  • Parallel data interface: 12-bit, bidirectional IO port, support for Gray code, binary, BCD code

  • Analog acquisition: 6 channels, can access 4-20mA/0-20mA/0-5V multiple signals

  • With 4 sets of RS232 ports, 2 sets of RS485 ports

  • With a set of 5V 1A controllable power output

  • Has a set of 12V 5A controllable power output

  • With 2 sets of 12V 1A controllable power output

  • With relay output, support normally open / normally closed

  • 6 control buttons, 192*64 dot matrix LCD display

  • Built-in solar charging control module

  • Working voltage: DC 7-30V

  • Standby current: less than 1mA

  • Working current: less than 10mA (excluding data transmission equipment and display)

  • Working environment: -10 ° C ~ +55 ° C