Image recognition | The construction of the water level identification site in the lower reaches of the Minjiang River was successfully constructed

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Image water level recognition system

Image recognition water level monitoring system uses Internet + as the core concept and artificial intelligence as the core technology to mine and optimize the resources of existing video image monitoring stations, and expand the function of video image stations without affecting the operation of the original video surveillance system. Using video surveillance system resources to re-excavate, construct image recognition water level monitoring system, increase water level monitoring coverage and density, enrich water level monitoring information; image + data mutual information verification, guarantee the accuracy of traditional monitoring method data; deep mining existing video Image station resources to avoid duplication of construction

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Image water level identification monitoring and early warning system is mainly composed of video monitoring station, simple water gauge and image processing software. Among them, the video monitoring station uses the established results, the simple water gauge needs to be newly installed, and the image processing software of each site is based on the installation conditions of the water gauges at each site (inclination, light, water turbidity, night vision conditions, etc.) and image shooting. Configure the algorithm.

Project Status

The Lancang River is the largest river in Fujian Province, and its downstream section traverses Fuzhou City. The safety of the dikes along the banks of the lower reaches of the Lancang River is directly related to the safety of people's lives and property on both sides of the Lancang River. The Minjiang River Downstream Management Office, as the functional department of the shoreline, river course, beach land, flood control and drainage project management of the Fuzhou section of the lower reaches of the Minjiang River, has made great contributions to the downstream river management and flood control and flood control work for more than half a century. The experience has obtained a large number of scientific and technological achievements and related information. The management of the lower reaches of the Minjiang River is directly related to the safety and economic construction of Fuzhou City.

The number and layout of automated monitoring stations, operation management methods, technical means, equipment and measures of the downstream management office of the Minjiang River are difficult to meet the needs of current and future flood control. The introduction of image water level identification technology will further enhance the Lijiang River. The level of informatization of downstream flood control work will improve the safety, reliability and forward-looking of flood prevention work in the lower reaches of the Minjiang River.

Project achievements

Jiang Si Sluice (evening)

Jiangsi sluice gate (daytime)


Kuiqi Pai Station (night)

Kuiqi Pai Station (daytime)