Early warning exhibition broadcasts to help the construction of flood control warning information in Shandian County

2019-05-31 17:21:46 27

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        Shidian County is under the jurisdiction of Baoshan City, Yunnan Province. The average annual rainfall of Shidian County is 883.2 mm, and the average annual rainfall day is 153.9 days. The rainfall was mostly concentrated in May-October, with rainfall of 777.8 mm, accounting for 88.1% of the annual rainfall. Natural disasters are mainly floods. Followed by windstorms, hail and frost. Therefore, constructing a perfect mountain flash warning information system is the top priority of mountain flood prevention work.

        The construction of the early warning information broadcast system is to facilitate the grassroots flood control staff to quickly and easily obtain information such as water and rain information, rainfall site information, radar cloud maps and other flood prevention warning products in the jurisdiction, and at the same time realize diversified flood prevention warning information editing and release. The function meets the need for the release of flood control warning information in Shidian County, and further improves the defense and early warning capability of mountain flood control in Shidian County.

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Shidian County Early Warning Information Exhibition System

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Field deployment

     After the completion of the construction of the Shidian early warning broadcast system, the Flood Control Office of the Shidian County Water Affairs Bureau organized the grassroots flood control staff at the grassroots level and carried out a special training meeting for the early warning information broadcasting system. The staff of our company explained the operation of the early warning information broadcasting system on site. The staff said that through this training, the understanding of the broadcast system by the grassroots disaster prevention personnel has been strengthened, which will help to carry out the flood prevention work in the next flood season.

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Early warning information broadcast system training meeting

      The early warning information broadcast system is a comprehensive information release solution for industry users. Through the tailor-made “early warning information broadcast terminal”, it helps industry users to provide a variety of disaster prevention and mitigation pre-alarm information, daily business data, and publicity materials. It is actively promoted to the target group through a similar "television channel" to meet the needs of industry functions, and is widely applicable to government duty rooms, government elevators, marine fishing ports, water conservancy projects, mountain flood danger zones, address disaster high-incidence areas, schools, etc.