Helping Deep Blue - Early Warning Exhibition Debut at Zhuhai Ocean Center Station

2019-05-31 17:19:52 25

       Marine disasters are disasters that occur at sea or on the coast due to abnormal or drastic changes in the natural environment of the ocean. The main ones are storm surges, red tides, waves, coastal erosion, sea fog, and sea ice. The losses caused by these marine disasters are immeasurable. Therefore, the accurate and efficient timely and timely release of marine meteorological information can minimize the loss of life and property of the people.

       The marine meteorological warning information broadcast system is a comprehensive information release solution for the marine meteorological industry information construction. Through the tailor-made “early warning information broadcast terminal”, it helps the industry users to enrich and diversify the marine early warning products and daily business data. Propaganda science materials are actively promoted to target groups through similar "television channels" to meet industry functional needs

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    The construction of the early warning information broadcasting system of the Zhuhai Marine Environmental Monitoring Center of the State Oceanic Administration will display and publish a variety of information such as marine meteorological warning information, ocean forecast information, pre-alert maps, marine notice announcements and marine related information. The information is displayed in a centralized manner, the forecasting forms are unified, and the forecasting timeliness is consistent. It provides timely, precise and accurate marine meteorological pre-alarm services for the marine departments at all levels and the masses of the people to meet the needs of different users and greatly enhance the capability of marine meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation. People's life and property safety

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      At the same time, the refined forecast, including the seaside tourism index, the coastal leisure index, the swimming suitability index, the beach entertainment index, the bathing wave height, the bath water temperature and other timely and efficient information, is also a better service for the marine industry sector.Performance

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  The construction of the early warning broadcast of the Zhuhai Marine Environmental Monitoring Station is an affirmation of the powerful functions of the SiChuang Technology Early Warning Information Broadcasting System. We will also use our excellent products to provide the best service for disaster prevention and mitigation in more industries.