Smart City Management, Wuxi Xinwu District, Smart City Management Project

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          Si Chuang Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of urban disaster prevention and mitigation IoT solutions. Since its establishment in 2001, the company has accumulated from water conservancy and flood control industry projects, and has summarized and precipitated a series of professional IoT products for disaster prevention and mitigation, providing professional product service support development strategies for the whole industry, and obtained various provinces and cities nationwide. County users and channel partners are highly appreciated and affirmed.

         In recent years, extreme climate change is abnormal, the frequency of heavy rainfall is getting higher and higher throughout the country, and most of them are in a sudden situation; urbanization is continuously advancing, the ground hardens, and the ground seepage capacity is reduced; the urban original drainage system pipe network cannot meet the current environment. A series of comprehensive factors such as demand have made urban natural disasters more and more serious.

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        Wuxi Xinwu District Smart City Management Project is based on the existing business system operation data, new intelligent sensing equipment to collect data, using big data analysis, visualization technology, GIS technology to present municipal, sanitation, greening, vehicle GPS real data, comprehensive analysis , to build a smart big data display platform based on "one picture."

        Si Chuang Technology Co., Ltd. is fortunate to participate in the construction of the Wuxi Xinwu District Smart City Management Project, which is mainly responsible for the construction of the urban emergency monitoring and early warning sector. Urban emergency disaster monitoring and early warning is based on the smart city management framework, relying on modern Internet of Things technology, using data basic resources, multi-dimensional information collection, collaborative work disposal, early warning decision analysis and other means to quantify urban emergency disaster management components, event standards, and urban management Public service emergency measures to build a new model of urban emergency disaster management.

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Urban flood disaster monitoring and early warning solution

Urban flood control and drainage construction targets

1. Realize the monitoring of urban flooding and water accumulation: improve the data acquisition capacity of urban flood disasters, and initially form a large-scale monitoring network in the areas of the intrinsic water main points, major traffic routes and lifeline projects that are of great concern;

2. To realize the wisdom of urban flood control and emergency dispatching work: improve the ability of forecasting and early warning, and form intelligent and refined guarantees for rescue task dispatch, personnel command, engineering dispatch and traffic warning;

3. Improve public service capabilities and improve social mobilization capabilities.