Mountain flood warning, assisting the construction of mountain flood disaster monitoring and early warning system in Guizhou Province to extend to towns and villages

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Background of the project
Guizhou Province has basically realized the county-level mountain flood monitoring and early warning information inquiry, early warning release, video conference and other functions through the construction of county-level non-engineering measures in the past period. However, information sharing cannot be achieved at the township level. According to the requirements of mountain flood disaster prevention and control, it is necessary to extend the county-level platform to the townships in key towns and villages with mountain flood disasters, and deploy the flash flood warning information broadcasting terminal in townships and towns, so that township-level users can easily obtain corresponding early warning product information and carry out county and township level. video call.

Project implementation

The Gonggong County Water Affairs Bureau planned the deployment of early warning information broadcasting system in Kaiben, Siyu, Yangqiao, Qixi and Longtian. At the request of the Qiong County Water Affairs Bureau, it is necessary to complete the system deployment in early February. In the spirit of courage, the company will go to various towns and towns for system construction and deployment within two days in the harsh environment of 0 degrees Celsius. The system of five township sites was completed with the guarantee of quality and quantity, and all the equipments were in normal operation, and the tasks delivered by the Gonggong County Water Affairs Bureau were successfully completed.

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Siyu Town Early Warning Broadcasting System Deployment


Project training and acceptance

At 9:00 on January 17, 2018, the project system training meeting was held in the Water Affairs Bureau of Gonggong County. The trainers of the company gave the staff of the three prevention offices of the Gonggong County and the staff of the five township water conservancy stations on the hardware of the early warning information broadcasting system. The software features are explained, and the county-town video call function is demonstrated live and won unanimous praise.

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Water Affairs Bureau on-site training meeting


At 14:00, the project acceptance meeting of the Ministry of Finance, the County Water Affairs Bureau, the Zhoushui Water Affairs Bureau, the supervision unit, the experts, the design unit, and the representatives of the five water conservancy stations will be held at the Water Affairs Bureau of Gonggong County. The meeting will follow the standardization acceptance process. Open and fair, the system finally passed the acceptance, and the on-site experts and leaders gave high praise to our company's early warning information broadcasting system.

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Early warning information broadcast system acceptance meeting


In 2018, Si Chuang will also deploy early warning information broadcasting system in Duyun, Shuicheng, Huangping and Guizhou townships, and use our excellent products to contribute to the construction of the mountain flood disaster monitoring and early warning system in Guizhou Province.