Urban Neon | Construction of Buried Water Monitoring Station in Wucheng District, Jinhua City

2019-05-31 16:25:51 9

According to the “Jinhua City Sponge City Special Plan (2016~2030) Draft”, the safety pattern of Jinhua Water Ecological Safety, Bio-protection Safety and Water Culture Heritage Protection Safety will be constructed and superimposed to finally establish Jinhua City. The ecological security pattern ensures the integrity of the urban sponge system.

Wucheng District

        The transformation of the old city chooses a block with a typical construction status in the old city as a pilot project for the renovation of the sponge city. The proportion of impervious floor area in the old city is large, the space of green space is small, and the transformation is difficult. Renovation combined with the old city renovation project planned in the recent Old City, and the installation of sponge facilities, including water system, park green space, municipal roads, back streets and alleys, community and courtyard renovation, community renovation along the street, etc. In summary, the sponge facility can be arranged with more content, more systematic, and can form a contiguous effect. It is recommended as a demonstration point for early implementation.

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Water in the interior causes the vehicle to break down

In recent years, Jinhua’s urban area has been hit by heavy rains many times, resulting in the formation of guilty water in the road area, which has caused great inconvenience to the citizens, and the situation of flood control is severe. This time, our company built buried in-situ hydrophobic monitoring equipment in Wucheng District, which contributed to the monitoring and early warning of the city's inner city and the construction of Jinhua sponge city, and provided certain security for the masses of the citizens.

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Site construction

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The embedded water monitoring equipment operates for a long time, monitors the water area of the road in real time, and sends the water level data in time to provide a reliable data foundation for the internal warning.

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