Marketing manager

2019/06/02 Fuzhou 1 Interview

description of job


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, advertising, etc., copywriting background is preferred;

2. More than 3 years of work experience, with experience in marketing planning and implementation;

3. Rich experience in copywriting planning and event execution, able to independently plan market activities and ensure implementation;

4. Work has passion, goal orientation, boldness, teamwork spirit and good resistance to stress. Channel resources are preferred;

5. Skilled in using office office software, ps, ai, au and other graphic design audio and video editing software;

Job responsibilities:

1. Develop crowd promotion strategies and programs based on the company's development goals;

2. The planning and implementation of offline marketing activities and the development and promotion of offline cooperation business;

3. Combine products, user needs, festivals and hot events, etc., plan and write activity plans, and organize and implement various market activities to expand brand reputation and company influence;

4. Find and explore third-party cooperation channel resources, discuss and cooperate with various enterprises, exhibitions and other channels to enhance brand image and drive sales performance;

5. Responsible for the planning, management and content writing of the corporate brand WeChat platform;

6. Regularly collect, organize, and analyze market information and propose appropriate marketing ideas.

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