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When it comes to artificial intelligence, the first thing that comes to mind is Ironman's Jarvis Jarvis. This artificial intelligence that protects the owner all the time in the movie, constantly monitors the owner's physical condition and gives reasonable advice. Help him solve various problems.

Although the scenes in this movie are too sci-fi, it feels very far away, but in fact, we have been trying to bring the "Jarvis" that exists in the movie to the reality, we hope to bring a piece to each customer. “Steel armor” always protects them and creates new value added points for the industry. What is gratifying is that through the development of software and hardware integration and innovation in the past two years, we have already had some eyebrows that will bring us closer to our dreams.

With regard to IoT sensing technology, we integrate the sensor with the latest NB and LORA communication, which gives us all the monitoring equipment with long standby time. It can be widely used in internal water monitoring, intelligent manhole cover, asset equipment tracking management, security Monitoring and other fields;

Regarding the field of video recognition and analysis, we have studied neural networks and vector machine algorithms to make our water level recognition more accurate. We also studied new landing scenes such as parabolic recognition, floating object recognition, and river encroachment recognition.

With regard to the extension of information to users, we explored the development of a new form of information publishing and interactive experience, providing a set of near-field information interaction services within 10 meters with a great experience;

Of course, these are just the beginnings of ours. We will understand what kind of technology is available in the market and continue to improve our Jarvis. In the future, church Jarvis will understand our voice to control everything in our daily work, including fax, telephone and conferences. We will teach it to identify pictures of the water environment and calculate the pollution range and alert when the water environment changes. I will teach it to help our office staff, and when we have a meeting, we can automatically sort out the minutes of the meeting. With regard to information decision making, it will enable data visualization through virtual reality and help us develop better decision systems.

For Si Chuang Technology, the Jarvis program is an interesting intellectual challenge. We are looking forward to more sharing with you after the product upgrade iterations under the Jarvis program.