Urban monitoring and early warning system

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Urban monitoring and early warning system

Create a three-dimensional urban road water monitoring network


System Overview

The urban intrinsic monitoring and early warning system is a new intrinsic monitoring and early warning solution based on the research and development of Internet of Things/wireless communication technology. The system monitors real-time water accumulation in key areas of the city (such as closed tunnels, overpasses, expressways, etc.) and uploads them to the pre-alarm system of the monitoring center. The road water reaches the dangerous water level, the system automatically issues the warning of internal water accumulation, and issues warning information by means of display screen, SMS, WeChat public account, etc., to remind the water in front of the situation and ensure the roads pass.

System composition

积水监测、内涝监测解决方案、预警展播,预警信息展播,预警信息展播系统,遥测终端,遥测终端机,RTU ,RTU设备,4G遥测终端,数据采集终端


Product Features

  • Integrated molding, 304 stainless steel housing is sturdy and durable, low maintenance cost

  • Support data communication via NB-IOT/LoRa/4G/GPRS SMS

  • Intelligent acquisition frequency: multiple acquisition frequency automatic control, the higher the water level, the more frequent the collection

  • High precision, up to millimeter resolution

  • Large-capacity storage, which can store 10 years of accumulated water data

  • Built-in lithium battery power supply, no external power supply required

  • Remote control: remote parameter setting, remote data extraction, remote upgrade

  • Wide applicability, suitable for all kinds of internal water accumulation points in cities such as roads, tunnels, culverts, etc.


积水监测、内涝监测解决方案、预警展播,预警信息展播,预警信息展播系统,遥测终端,遥测终端机,RTU ,RTU设备,4G遥测终端,数据采集终端