Four creations were unveiled at the Huawei Eco-College Conference 2019, and together with Huawei Cloud to promote smart water conservancy construction

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Four creations were unveiled at the Huawei Eco-College Conference 2019, and together with Huawei Cloud to promote smart water conservancy construction

On March 21, Huawei China Eco-Partners Conference 2019 was successfully opened at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of the conference is “The Intelligent Evolution of the Group”, as the opening ceremony of Huawei's government and enterprise industry in the country, 6,000 heavyweight partners in the ICT field across the country and around the world, over 20,000 experts, seniors, and industry. The leaders gathered together.

Si Chuang Technology Co., Ltd. and Huawei Cloud have created a joint solution for smart water conservancy and water, bringing advanced technology products and solutions from the industry to the eco conference.

Si Chuang Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to China's disaster reduction and profit-making business. It is a high-tech enterprise with leading scale in the same industry, strong R&D strength and service coverage nationwide. In the water industry for 18 years, it has deep industry precipitation, fully understand customer needs; has experienced team support, has rich industry expert resources and partner resources; has rich implementation experience in smart water conservancy construction, research The results have been promoted and applied in Hainan, Yunnan, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Deqing, Taizhou, Huoshan and other places across the country.


The conference set up a number of exhibition areas such as “Smart Water Conservancy”, “Smart Micro Card Holder”, “Smart Street Light”, “People Sign In”, “Audio Sharing Smart 1 Tow N”. In the “Smart Water Conservancy” section, Si Chuang Technology demonstrated the “Hainan Internet + Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Integrated Information Platform”, “Dali Bohai Monitoring and Early Warning Information Management Platform”, “Intelligent Image Recognition”, “Data Center” and so on. A systematic case, which visually shows the new ideas and new ideas of water conservancy informatization construction in the new era, and attracts consultation and discussion from guests from all over the country.





Smart water conservancy highlights

1. Integrated operation: visual management and auxiliary business decision

Establish a smart water conservancy operation center, and provide a mechanism for long-term operation of smart water conservancy, providing customized intelligent portals for different levels (leaders, staff, enterprises, people, supervision departments) at different levels (city, province, county, etc.); Business data visualization of large screens, providing a scientific basis for leadership command and decision.

2, application intelligence: assist the water industry strong supervision

Focus on four major water problems: water disaster, water resources, water environment and water ecology, mastering floods, droughts, safe operation of water projects, water project construction, water resources development and utilization, urban and rural water supply, water conservation, rivers and lakes, and soil erosion. The comprehensive situation of the field meets the needs of water conservancy business of different units and different users, and assists the water industry to supervise.

3, resource empowerment: achieve one-to-one source, a little update, integrated sharing, authorized use

Through resource integration, data resources can be effectively and securely shared, data support for business applications, foundation for big data analysis, and interconnection and interoperability for multi-department collaboration.

4, IntelliSense: Sky and Earth Network Integrated IoT Perception

Create water conservancy Internet of Things, fully construct water conservancy front-end sensing equipment (water level gauge, rain gauge, flow meter, water quality monitoring terminal, dam monitoring sensor, surveillance camera, gate pump station control system, satellite remote sensing, drone) to achieve water conservancy elements Full perception, regional awareness, full coverage, and diverse means of perception.

The two-day conference, friends who are not present today, can go to the Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center [Digital Government + AI] exhibition area [Smart Water Conservancy], and enter the booth of Si Chuang Technology from 7.3 entrance to visit and exchange. Deep integration of high-tech and water conservancy business such as Internet, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.