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In order to promote the construction and in-depth application of big data in the field of flood control, drought relief and disaster reduction, and further improve our national defense and drought resistance informationization level and emergency rescue capability, on April 9, the 9th Flood Control and Drought Relief Information Forum was held in Changsha City, Hunan Province. Under the auspices of the Secretary-General of the Disaster Reduction Professional Committee, Qiu Ruitian, Luo Yijun, deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Department of Water Resources, Wu Jian, deputy secretary general of the China Water Conservancy Society, and Tian Yitang, director of the Department of Water and Drought Disaster Prevention of the Ministry of Water Resources, led the opening speeches from all provinces. (Autonomous Region, Municipality directly under the Central Government) Water Resources (Water Affairs) Department (Bureau) is responsible for flood and drought disaster prevention, emergency management department (bureau) responsible for flood control and drought resistance work leaders and representatives and colleges and universities, research institutes related experts and representatives, and related enterprises and institutions Nearly 400 people represented the forum.


The forum lasted for one day. In the main venue of the morning, the "Hydrological Forecasting and Reservoir Dispatching New Technology" shared by the second-level professor of Wuhan University and the chairman of Hubei Association of Science and Technology Guo Shenglian shared the "Smart Water Conservancy and Related Issues" shared by Academician Zhang Jianyun of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. 》, the Office of the Network Security and Informatization Leading Group of the Ministry of Water Resources, and the director of the Information Center, Cai Yang shared eight excellent reports on “Thinking about the shortcomings of water conservancy informationization”, vividly expounding the shortcomings of water conservancy informationization and the construction of smart water conservancy And related topics such as flood and drought disaster prevention information construction, knowledge will help the future, and promote the guests to think about the new ideas, new ideas and new ways of our national defense and drought-resistant informationization construction in the new era, and promote the 2019 flood control and drought relief informationization work. successfully launch.





In the afternoon of the same day, the forum was divided into two conference venues, “Discussion on the informationization of emergency flood prevention in the new era” and “Application of cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, mobile internet and artificial intelligence in urban stereoscopic flood prevention monitoring and forecasting platform” And other topics, invited to the relevant departments of water conservancy, emergency management related units and scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions and other experts and representatives to share the application of flood control and drought-resistant new technology and practical experience. 25 excellent reports on the application of artificial intelligence in flood control emergency command, the research and application of the medium and small reservoir forecasting and forecasting cloud computing service platform, and the CNFF China Mountain Flood Model Framework, which made the guests present at the meeting more Dimensions, deep thinking and touch have provided rich and innovative ideas for the practical application of new technologies such as big data in the field of flood control and drought resistance.

As a member of the Disaster Reduction Committee of China Water Conservancy Society, Si Chuang Technology co-organized the forum and invited Xu Jianfeng, director of the flood control office of Fuqing County Water Resources Bureau of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province as the representative of the owner to share the results and application of grassroots disaster prevention informationization construction in Minqing County. At the same time, arrange the four-tech solution engineer Lin Hai to share the application cases and construction ideas of big data in the field of flood control and drought resistance.


Xu Jianfeng, director of the flood control office of Minqing County Water Resources Bureau of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, brought a report on the construction and application of flood control and disaster prevention information system in Minqing County. He focused on the basic situation of the flood control command information system construction in Minqing County. And the application results since the completion of the system, the system integrates the functions of information collection, early warning and pre-judgment, negotiation and judgment, dispatching and commanding, etc., and basically realizes the full coverage of all elements. The flood control command map is the first anti-mite electronic commander of Fuzhou City. The picture shows the electronic use of the traditional paper version of the flood control command map, which can achieve accurate command. This report brings the practice and experience sharing of grassroots flood prevention informationization to the guests.


Lin Hai, a solution engineer of Si Chuang Technology, also brought a sharing report on "Big Data-based Jinhua Flood Control Brain Construction and Future Prospects". The Jinhua Flood Control Brain is a pilot project for the local innovation demonstration of the Jinhua government's digital transformation. It is also the first application of big data analysis and robot learning/artificial intelligence algorithm technology in the national water conservancy and flood prevention industry. In this report, Lin Hai took the Jinhua anti-smashing brain as an example, focusing on the construction of the anti-smashing brain and the future prospects of “business data, data business, and anti-smashing wisdom”, which triggered the guests to the big data and cloud computing. New technologies such as artificial intelligence in the field of disaster prevention and mitigation have received high attention from the guests.


In addition to rich and wonderful report sharing, the forum set up a display area. Si Chuang Technology demonstrated the “information solution for grassroots flood control system”, “integrated platform for intelligent emergency management” and “integrated information platform for Internet + disaster prevention and reduction in Hainan Province”. "Dali Bohai monitoring and early warning information management platform" and other disaster-reduction information-based solutions and typical cases, while exhibiting early warning information broadcast system, township disaster prevention integrated machine, buried liquid level monitor and other integrated application products, for everyone to bring To reduce disasters and benefit information solutions and products. New technologies, new products, new applications, innovative and practical, have attracted many leaders to visit and guide. During the meeting, many delegates stopped at the booth and exchanged ideas with the staff of Si Chuang to discuss the innovative application of disaster prevention and mitigation related technologies.













This forum provides a professional platform for the exchange of information technology and new products for the prevention and mitigation of information technology, and also gives more people in the industry the opportunity to further understand the strength and achievements of the company. In the future, Sitron will continue to actively promote technological innovation research and development and application exploration, and share more advanced disaster reduction and informationization solutions and products through the professional platform of flood control and drought resistance information forum to promote the comprehensive development and improvement of China's national defense disaster reduction and disaster reduction undertakings. The level of informationization for disaster reduction and profitability will be further enhanced.