Countdown to the digital summit, Si Chuang Technology invites you to go to the digital agreement (including the exhibition guide)

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The 2nd Digital China Construction Summit will be held at the International Convention and Exhibition Center on the afternoon of May 5th. There are still 6 days from the opening ceremony. As a leading enterprise in disaster reduction and development from Fujian to the whole country, in the first summit, the achievements of information technology for disaster reduction and profitability exhibited by Si Chuang have been affirmed by the government, the public and enterprises. This year, Si Chuang Technology will continue to bring the advanced technology products and solutions in the industry to the exhibition, and will be seen in the 8th Hall.



Serving the disaster relief

Disaster prevention and mitigation, there are counts in my heart


With the maturity of high-tech such as big data, cloud computing, and AI artificial intelligence, how will we promote the development of information technology in the field of disaster prevention and mitigation, and bring a life and property security to the people's livelihood? At this summit, Si Chuang Technology will fully display the information and solutions for disaster prevention and mitigation, so that everyone can understand the intelligent application process of disaster prevention, disaster reduction and disaster relief.




With the theme of “providing services for disaster reduction and benefit”, SiChuang Technology firstly displayed comprehensive solutions to disaster reduction and informationization including smart emergency, flood and drought disaster prevention, smart water conservancy, smart ocean, water conservancy project management, and river and lake ecological management. The program and the water network edge computing products aim to use information technology as a means to improve the informationization level of disaster reduction and benefit in China, so that disaster monitoring and early warning is more timely, forecasting and forecasting is more accurate, and command and decision making is more scientific, so as to achieve “disaster prevention and mitigation”. There are counts in my heart."



Chú cǐ zhī wài, wǒmen hái zhǎn chūle tiānqì shuō xiǎo chéngxù, táifēng shíshí lùjìng děng gōngzhòng jiǎnzāi xìnxī fúwù chǎnpǐn, hùdòng tǐyàn, ràng nín zú bù chū hù, kuài rén yībù liǎojiě tiānqì tàishì hé táifēng dòngtài, wèi zìjǐ hé jiārén chūxíng zēngtiān yī fèn wēnxīn guān'ài. Xiànchǎng gèng yǒu xiǎo lǐpǐn lǐngqǔ ne ~展开98/5000In addition, we also exhibited public disaster reduction information service products such as the weather saying small program and the typhoon real-time path. The interactive experience allows you to stay on the door and learn about the weather and typhoon dynamics for yourself and your family. Add a warm love. There are more gifts at the scene.




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