The 2nd Digital China Construction Summit was held in Fuzhou, and the fourth was to ignite a new engine for disaster reduction and profit

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On the morning of May 6, the 2nd Digital China Construction Summit was officially opened in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. Huang Kunming, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, secretary of the Central Secretariat, and Minister of the Central Propaganda Department attended the opening ceremony of the summit and delivered a keynote speech. More than 1,500 guests from all walks of life attended the conference.

The exhibition site was overwhelming

On the afternoon of May 6, the 2nd Digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition was officially opened to the public. Many Internet giants gathered in the city to bring high-tech products and bring future technology imagination. As a leading enterprise in the field of disaster reduction and profit-making, Si Chuang Technology has launched a public information service product such as intelligent emergency response, flood and drought disaster prevention, smart water conservancy and river and lake ecological management, such as comprehensive information solutions for the disaster-reducing industry and small weather procedures. The 8th Fujian Booth 8B01 booth attracted many leaders, peers and audiences to visit and exchange.

During the period, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Director and General Manager of Fujian Electronic Information Group, Zhong Jun and his deputy director of the Fujian Provincial Economic Information Center Chen Ren and his party, Vice President of PICC Group Xie Group visited the Si Chuang booth and visited the board of directors. Lai Chunhui and Zhang Huju, general manager of the Water Conservancy Department, accompanied the inspection, focusing on four innovative “intelligent emergency cloud platforms”, “water and drought disaster prevention information system”, “hehu brain” and other disaster-reduction information applications. Played the platform function and application effect of “Hainan Province Internet + Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Integrated Information Platform”, and demonstrated the functions of “weather saying” applet and “real-time typhoon path”, four creations to serve people's livelihood and create by application The value, covering the disaster reduction and benefit information service from the government and enterprises to the public level, was highly recognized and praised by the leaders and guests present.


▲Zhong Jun (left), deputy secretary, director and general manager of the Party Committee of Fujian Electronic Information Group visited the booth to inspect and guide


▲Chen Ren (left), deputy director of Fujian Economic Information Center, visited the booth to inspect and guide


▲Xie Group, Vice President of PICC Group (second from left) watched the weather saying applet demo

Subsequently, Shi Mingguang, member of the Standing Committee of the Youxi County Committee of Fujian Province, also visited the Si Chuang booth to visit and exchange ideas, and carefully understand the solutions of smart emergency, flood and drought disaster prevention, and experience the "weather" small program on site, and highly evaluate the use of information technology by Si Chuang. The daily disaster prevention and mitigation of the public brings accurate and timely forecasting and warning services, adding a guarantee of ideals and innovative practices for people's happy life.


▲Shi Mingguang (left), member of the Standing Committee of the Youxi County Committee of Fujian Province, visited the booth for inspection and guidance.

▲The staff introduced the comprehensive solution for disaster reduction and informationization for the guests.

▲Many participants attended the booth to visit and exchange

In addition, the water network edge computing products exhibited by Si Chuang Technology, especially the buried water level monitor, display the water monitoring data of the urban low-lying area in real time, and crack the “city seeing sea and travel problems”, attracting many guests. Stop and discuss; and the "weather saying" applet is a form of scanning code experience and receiving small gifts. It is a popular way for the public to visit the public how to use the small program to view weather information, customize travel arrangements, and care for friends and relatives in different places. The public weather service and the easy-to-understand operation experience make the "Weather" applet become the popular interactive product of today's four creations, detonating the scene!




Booth 8B01, Hall 8 of Si Chuang Technology

Waiting for everyone to come to the booth

Live experience of smart disaster reduction

Public opening hours: May 7-9, 9:00-17:00

Nowadays, accelerating the construction of digital China has become the only way and an important starting point for building a modern and powerful country. Four Chuang Technology focuses on disaster reduction and profit-making in the field for 18 years. It uses information technology to serve the people's livelihood and create social value. In the future, Si Chuang will continue to strengthen product research and development, accelerate the pace of scientific and technological innovation, and take responsibility for disaster reduction and profit, continue to be the government, enterprises, The public provides strong support to make greater contributions to the cause of disaster reduction and benefit, and to help digital Fujian and digital China take off.